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“We were not placed on this earth to walk alone” ~ Thomas Monson

I feel incredibly blessed to have the support of the most amazing team of talented individuals to guide our retreats and journeys. All talented, uniquely gifted and passionate about living an authentic life ~ they walk their talk.

They practice what they share with you. They know it is about the journey and not just the destination and that life is forever evolving with many twists and turns. I am honoured that they have chosen to share the essence of what Journeys represents with such sensitive awareness, creating the space to allow your light to continue to shine.

A little insight into each of us within our team is below...

team_2.jpgOur Team


Julie Baker 

Julie Baker's 37 year career in travel and tourism has spanned a broad spectrum of roles.  Working her way up from simple beginnings in Perth, then doing stints in Sydney and Europe led her on many a daring adventure. Returning to Perth in the late 80’s, she was then Managing Director of Genesis Travel for over 10 years and in this time established a very loyal & diverse corporate and leisure clientele. 

Within this time she also created Genesis Dive Travel – a wholesale dive travel company – and was the first woman to do this in Australia and also the first to specialise in East Indonesia. Years later, after diving with Jean Michele Cousteau on his private yacht in Fiji, Julie thought it was time to hang up her fins and explore different waters. 

She then established Epicurean Tours - a fine food and wine touring company of Western Australia, attracting clients from the USA, Asia and Europe, until 9/11 changed the world.  Lecturing in Tourism for the private AFTA college was a 6 year tenure of love.   Invited on a variety of Boards and into various Management Consultancy roles has seen her utilise her skills for others. 

Quietly happening in the background, Julie’s personal interests have always included a commitment to health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Passionately involved in yoga, meditation & spirituality for many decades, her personal journey has guided her on a quest for a more balanced and meaningful life.

Years ago, a series of simultaneous life changing experiences had her delve more deeply into her spiritual practices.  Compelled to follow her inner guidance, she was attracted to certain locations of the world, gaining insights into how she could navigate through this very challenging time. The heightened energy at these places allowed her to explore her situation within a very nurturing & supportive environment. She discovered the ancient indigenous wisdoms of this earth to be very healing, allowing her over time, to regain her healthy, joyous vitality.

Journeys of the Spirit evolved from marrying Julie’s wealth of insights gained at these unique & inspiring locations with her desire to have these deeper, more personal journeys easily accessible and enjoyed in authentic, comfortable surroundings.  Her vision in the creation of these very personal and special experiences, is that they may touch your heart and support and empower you in a deep and long lasting way.


Chiara Muzzin

Chiara is Julie's right hand woman and a very important support for our entire team. With her mature insight, warmth, passion and youthful wisdom she continues to create unique opportunities for all generations to connect and immerse themselves into uplifting and meaningful experiences. She embraces life as the incredible adventure that it is...with integrity, warmth, care and fun!

Chiara joined us as a University workplace graduate in 2012 and it quickly became apparent that the synergy of her talents & passions were in complete alignment with the direction of Journeys of the Spirit. Upon completion of her degree in Mass Communications, with her forte being Marketing and Journalism, and recently graduating from Curtin University with a diploma in Health Promotion, it has been a natural progression for her to become an integral part of Journeys growth & vision.



Peter Bliss

Peter is a dynamic business educator who has a very practical yet holistic approach to business and lifestyle. He has studied, coached and presented through keynotes and seminars throughout the corporate world both in Australia and overseas and combines simple western business intelligence with traditional eastern wisdom. He has experienced and is very aware that stress affects us all in different ways. If unaddressed it can be detrimental to all aspects of our lives and halt our full potential. Peter is passionate about mental wellbeing and has a unique ability to impart techniques with humor and practicality, bringing awareness to support you in creating a more balanced and fulfilled life. He has changed his own life through practicing what he teaches.                              

Peter continues to guide our Bhutan and Japan journeys every year and will be introducing two new retreats to Uluru and Kerala in 2019. 


Cathy Brown

Cathy started her healing journey 25 years ago when she was diagnosed with secondary melanoma and was told she had only a couple of months to a couple of years to live and that chemotherapy and radiotherapy wouldn’t work. Her children were only six and eight and she knew she had to find ‘another way’ to heal. 

After visiting 3 other doctors and told the same story, Cathy joined Cancer Support WA (now known as Solaris Cancer Care), which was the first place to give her hope and support. Over the years she has facilitated and instigated Wellness Programs, Support Groups, Women’s Healing Circles, the Gawler Foundation Healing and Wellbeing Program and many other groups. She has also been teaching Reiki for over 30 years which has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the spiritual aspect of life.

Cathy is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and enjoys helping people change their perception of life and its’ challenges. Through meditation, nutrition and finding meaning in her life, Cathy turned her world around and now has a deep understanding of what it takes to heal. In early 2017, Cathy released her first book 'My Answer to Cancer,' a truly remarkable story about life and her invitation to change it for the better. Books are available for purchase at her website  Cathy leads our Kerala Wellness retreats each year.


Amanda Hobley 

Amanda's life journey has allowed her to discover more of what she loves and to be of service. Amanda began her working career as a Flight Attendant, due to her love of people and travel. Naturopathy called soon after, allowing for a deeper connection with people and supporting their health physically. Closely followed by Bodytalk and Reiki to balance emotional, mental and energetic aspects. 

Her passion for her work stems from the ability to be able to create a safe space for people to connect with body, mind and soul, and allowing to receive what is needed. "When your cup is full to overflowing it will have a ripple effect in your life and beyond."

Amanda has worked with hundreds of women, inspiring and empowering them to improved wellness over many years.  Amanda helps women to holistically restore their inner harmony. She provides women with a simple step-by-step plan and easy to implement tools to empower them to improve their wellbeing. Over the years, Amanda has had the privilege to meet and work with some of the most inspirational leaders in the health Industry.

Amanda’s area of special interest is Women’s Health, especially issues associated with stress, anxiety and fatigue. She finds great joy in watching women who are feeling overwhelmed regain their energy, motivation and inner harmony. Her mission is to empower women worldwide to love and nurture themselves. 

We are delighted to have Amanda guide our future women’s Ayurvedic Kerala Retreats and Spirit of the Land weekend retreats in Chittering, Western Australia.



Sarah Gamble

Sarah is a warm, generous and wonderful listener with the superb ability to make sense of what is evolving for you within all realms of your being ~ mind, body and spirit. Way beyond her role of Reiki therapist, Sarah has an incredible gift that reconnects you to your highest and truest self and makes sense of the outer happenings of your life as guidance for you to be on your most inspiring path.

Kerala retreats guided by Sarah have such a loyal following, they sell out a year in advance. Her future plans are also to continue to guide journeys to awe-inspiring destinations such as Spain and North and South America. Sarah with also be guiding her first Aurora Borealis journey in October 2018. 



Marj Argenta 

Marj has been on our Kerala & Dalai Lama retreats and it quickly became apparent that she would be ideal to lead future journeys. Her ability to incorporate fun into our deepest, most authentic self is done so gently, and effortlessly.

Marj creatively connects to wholeness through her many talents ~ Reiki, meditation, art & cooking delicious, soul nourishing cuisines. Her light heartedness and laughter is certainly contagious! Her passion for life and how she shares this with others will have you rejoice in spirit and place a spring in your step.

Having led Kerala in 2015, Cambodia in 2016, and Camino, Spain in September 2017 we are delighted to have Marj guide more of our journeys in the future!



"I had not expected to slip so quickly and completely intro such a hedonistic lifestyle."
– L Fisher