Is it time to change the way you travel?

How many times have you booked your holiday yourself wanting it to be relaxing, fun, nourishing, adventurous or a bit of luxe, and it was nothing like what you expected?

You’ve been and gone. It was over in a flash! You’re feeling frustrated that it took longer to organise than the trip itself. Staring at your unpacked bags in a cloud of disappointment. And you needed another holiday when you got home!

There is another way.

For those of you reading this who have experienced Journeys of the Spirit before, you know we offer unique travel experiences that will have you feeling excited, engaged, connected, rested, renewed & proud of what you have achieved. These are no ordinary trips.

Friends that have travelled with us many times before, commented on the eve of departing on a self organised trip to visit family overseas “Julie we can’t wait for you to organise our next holiday. All the details are taken care of – we just sit back and enjoy the magic that you have created and can focus on seeing a part of the world that we didn’t even know existed, stay in amazing places, meeting fabulous people, eating incredible food, finding secret treasures and having fun! And there is absolutely no stress. We come home relaxed, happy and full of energy & zest for life!”

We all want to change something about ourselves. And are often hopeful that our holidays will be the impetus for this change. Have us coming from feeling exhausted, going through the motions, dispassionate, physically uncomfortable, bloated. Distressed. Faking it. Feeling alone. Tired. Upon tired.

The changes you’ve yearned for and know are possible but struggle to achieve for any length of time…are possible. Journeys of the Spirit establishes a framework & insightfully creates experiences where real changes can occur.

This is no ordinary journey. No ordinary holiday.

It is an extraordinary opportunity for you to feel rested, energetic, engaged, connected & excited about life!

Is it time for a change?

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