Wild Encounter Swim with the Dolphins

Dolphins have a playful spirit, delightfully charming energy, and flirtatious smile, which seems to invite you on an adventure of a lifetime … and here I was, responding to the invitation, ready and willing to connect with these magnificent beings.

On a warm February day, our Journeys of the Spirit group answered the call to adventure and set off on a ‘Wild Encounter’ swim with the dolphins in Rockingham. We were excited to board the sleek, white boat, which was nestled close to the concrete jetty. Everyone safely aboard, the engines roared and the elusive search began. We were seeking the playground of the dolphins where they would beforaging, feeding and frolicking.

In less than an hour we spotted their fins gliding in and out of the water. Feeling the spray splashing up from the ocean as we raced across the waves, I could also feel the excitement and anticipation of the people aboard, as they prepared themselves to quietly enter the water. Slipping off the boat and immersing my wetsuit bound body into the sparkling waters, I felt I was immersing myself not only into the water, but into an experience my soul had been longing for. Twice over the last eight years, I have had wild dolphins come to me while swimming in Warnbro Sound and felt they were calling me to join with them.

So here I was, floating in the water, linked to my fellow adventurers, interacting with the dolphins. There was no food to lure them. Just a mutual curiosity between us.They were there of their own free will, playfully tumbling with each other and gleefully leaping out of the water. They dived deep below, then mysteriously appeared right underneath us, inquisitively looking with their heads tilted on the side, with one eye opened wide, staring at us. The connection was immediate. The dolphins clicked and squealed under the water, communicating with each other.The water magnified these sounds, bathing us with healing vibrations.

I’m leading an adventure to Hawaii from 1-13 July this year. Hawaii is also known for its strong connection with dolphin energy. During the time we are there, we will be spending time on the Big Island with an authentic Kahuna (spiritual high priestess) and time withJeanne from the Dolphin Touch Wellness Centre on Kauai. These exceptional women will be guiding us, and sharing their incredible gifts and wisdom.

Do you feel there is something calling you to these magnificent islands? Perhaps it’s the dolphins or maybe it’s your soul calling you to honour yourself and reconnect with the incredible power you have within. These powerful women will be inviting you to heal, grow and transform your life. People often say to me ‘You’re lucky’ when I tell them of my travel experiences. I’m not lucky. My secret is that I say ‘yes’ to exceptional opportunities … and this is one of those exceptional opportunities. Would you like to join me? The invitation is there and the choice is yours.

This is not like the usual Hawaiian tours you see in a glossy brochure. This is an organic, energetic experience, which will change your life, and it just happens to be on two of the most beautiful islands of Hawaii. Come with me and immerse yourself in the ‘vibrations’ of this sacred land. You won’t regret it.

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