Corsica & Sardinia

To be repeated!

In 2000BC the civilisations living on these two beautiful French and Italian Mediterranean islands built stone structures in alignment with the moon, sun, stars & environment.

A UNESCO world heritage site since 1997, these 7,000 remaining Nuraghe and Menhir stone structures were used for healing & connection to the deeper wisdoms of their culture.

We are walking in the most extraordinary countryside to these remote spiritual structures with the elders that know of their true significance. Stunning rural inns, divine local food, creative artisans… alot to enjoy within these 2 unique islands.



We are weaving our way through the major sacred sites of Corsica – visiting the most profound of the Menhirs, or stone structures, as they are known in this part of Europe.

Menhirs means ‘long stone’ and some are up to 20 meters high and weigh 330 tons. There is a lot of mysticism surrounding how they got here, what was their purpose, how were they moved and why they are placed where they are.

One of the stones is set around the base of a 2000 year old olive tree.

We walk through spectacular countryside, visiting and tasting the local cheeses, wine, chestnuts and delicious local produce. We will be walking in stunning forests, to waterfalls, passed mountains and on plateaus… offering you a variety of opportunities to connect in with the unique wild nature that is the real Corsica!


The spirit of Sardinia ~ and the ancient Nuragic civilisation

In order to be visible to the human eye, enigmatic monuments, temples and structures have been erected to symbolize a sacred site. Amongst the most famous are the megalithic stones in England, Ireland & Malta, the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico.

One of the least known – on the gorgeous island of Sardinia –are the highest concentration of these sacred monuments in the world. They are called Nuraghe.

Sardinia is an ancient land with granites dating back to 300 million years ago. This Italian island in the west part of the Mediterranean Sea had 70,000 Nuraghe structures in its heyday in 2000BC, but now has under 7,000.

UNESCO has declared the Nuraghe a World Heritage site in 1997. We will be exploring these high vibrational sites with the elders that can translate their wisdoms and guide us through meditation to connect & heighten our own spiritual sensitivities.

Our group has exclusive access to experience the most powerful of these sites on the Summer Solstice ~ just us ~ for sunset, sunrise and the magnificent night sky in between.

Our guides in Sardinia are two very special people who I was privileged to meet in 2007. Arianna will share the symbolic, metaphysical & astrological wisdoms of this special land, guiding us on how we can use these energies to deepen our awareness & appreciation of ourselves and all that surrounds us. 

Mauro is the only person in Sardinia who has documented & published the significance of these ancient sites & their unique healing power. He has appeared worldwide on television, radio, in documentaries and is often a speaker at conferences on the energy of the earth and how it impacts our wellbeing and health.

Of course the food is always a highlight and we have hand picked the best local produce for us to sample. Sardinian cuisine tradition has very ancient roots, at first agro-pastoral with the shepherds needing simple & nourishing food (and wine!) while herding their stock.

Then expanding using seafood & fish that are in abundance. Tasty cheeses, flatbreads and many delicious dishes were created to share in true Sardinian style – on a long table with friends and family with loads of laughter !


Join us for an intriguing journey exploring the little known treasures of these two diverse

islands. It will surely awaken the spirit within you !