31 May - 12 June 2019 ~ guided by Cathy


Aloha !

(meaning ~ to share the breath of life)

Hawaii has such spiritual depth, a touchable sacred culture, stunning mountains, lush forests, beautiful beaches, coconut palms, coffee plantations, massive craters, grand canyons, active volcanoes.... breathtaking magical moments around every corner.

We would love to share with you a piece written by your guide Cathy, of her experiences on her wonderful research trip with Julie in July 2017.... 

Living with cancer made me realise the importance of having positive dreams and goals. Travel, and travel planning, was a great distraction for my mind from the everyday challenges of medical appointments, preparing healthy food, and ruminating about my uncertain future. For many years I have dreamt of visiting Hawaii. My imagination conjured up tropical beaches lined with palm trees, people surfing in teal blue water, and the dulcet tones of a ukulele. Many years, and numerous travelling adventures later, I recently realised my dream of visiting Hawaii, and much to my surprise, I discovered that it offers so much more than this limited stereotype.


Julie Baker is a brilliant creator of unique travel experiences and founder of Journeys of the Spirit. Together we embarked on a research trip to discover the mystical essence of Hawaii, in preparation for a spiritual retreat that I will be guiding in 2018.

Here I was, living my dream. Two Australians in a far away land, driving on the “opposite side of the road,” with no particular plan. Over many years, Julie has created countless exceptional journeys for her travel guides to share with people seeking more than ‘just an ordinary holiday’. I felt like an apprentice, watching the master execute her craft. It was very clear that Julie was seeking something that could not be seen with the eyes, but instead felt by the heart, and experienced with the soul. I tuned in to her unique skill of discovering the unseen forces which make a sacred place special. 

After settling into our accommodation in Hilo on the Big Island, we were brimming with excitement and anticipation as we followed the precise instructions given to us, to meet with a Kahuna (Hawaiian Priestess) at her home nestled in the middle of a well-manicured tropical garden. The highlight was sitting and talking with her under the ‘Miracle Tree’ (a massive and impressive Banyan tree). The Kahuna was delightful and I was fascinated to hear that she could trace her ancestors back 75 generations. She carried her mantle of spiritual healer and psychic with grace and dignity, giving us both a personal reading and invaluable guidance.

The following day we felt the beckoning of Pele, the goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes who, we were told, lives in the volcano and is the power that created the Hawaiian Islands. Julie and I were spellbound by the beauty and power of the land surrounding Kilauea volcano. The scenery varied from lush green forest to black desolate lava flows, giving the impression of being on another planet. The sunset was stunning. We watched the sky transform to red as the sun sank behind a hill, then as we turned to look at the smoke billowing from the crater, we discovered that it had magically transformed into a reflection of the sky. The most magnificent red fire, spewing from the earth with power that must be felt to be believed. The night air was cold, in total contrast to the warmth that emanated from the gaping hole in the earth. We were experiencing the earth alive and breathing fire. I closed my eyes and imprinted this image into my mind. A tremendous feeling of power and life, and paradoxically, an awareness of sacredness and vulnerability. A magic moment and gift that I will never forget.

Arriving on Kauai by plane, left us feeling discombobulated. We felt that we were in the wrong place, so we pulled the car over to the sidewalk, and instead, walked along the street, looking for somewhere to sit and gather our thoughts. Julie was scanning for a coffee shop and I was looking for a “sign” or guidance. I spotted a stairway leading up to a new age shop. It wasn’t exactly what we were looking for but the woman kindly pointed us in the direction of Jeannie, who leads spiritual retreats on the island of Kauai. Now here we go. Back on-track. Meeting Jeannie was like a reunion of old friends. There was much chatter, laughter and a very kind invitation to join her the following day to explore some sacred places on the island. Julie and I were thrilled. It was like we were destined to meet each other and share this special time. Deep, life-long friendships were formed.

Plans are now well underway to share this magic with a small group of ten adventuresome people who feel the spirit of Hawaii calling them. If your spirit is guiding you to connect with this ancient land on a deeper level, please contact Julie and register your interest. I am looking forward to meeting with and guiding kindred spirits to this very special land.


Journeys of the Spirit cannot wait to share the Hawaiian journey as it truly is stepping into another world and connects you to your heart and playful spirit forever more ! 

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