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Mindful Meanderings

Book your place here on our LAST available bush walk for 2020, before it becomes too hot.

Mindful Meanderings are a series of experiences that will allow you to explore your own backyard – the microcosm of the macrocosm of our world, as we can in this moment.

In alignment with our Journeys of the Spirit philosophy of immersing you into local culture, sacred sites, energy healing locations of our world, we will be rolling these out only in the places that are safe to do so.  We are beginning in Perth, Western Australia and are already creating opportunities so they are ready to go in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities as they open up.  

Each of these Mindful Meanderings will have a different flavour and focus.  What is to come are:

•  Uplifting bush walks
•  Photographic walking experiences
•  Natures Art

Our first Mindful Meandering bush walks sold out within hours !

Our last one for 2020 in the Perth hills is on Thursday 24th September 2020, and you can get tickets here.

It is a meditative walk immersing you into our pristine Aussie bush, 40 minutes from the city but a sublime world away.

Come share this fun, uplifting & energising two hours as the brooks are still flowing, waterfalls gushing and the spring bush blooms are bursting into their colourful life!!!  A delicious morning tea, true Journeys of the Spirit style, is included.

Read this beautiful testimonial by Andrea Whitely, who attended our Inaugural Mindful Meanderings. In her blog, Andrea captures the absolute essence of what this mindful walk is designed to achieve. . . . Read her blog here.

To be repeated soon.
To be repeated soon.
  • Feel your stress fall away with two hours of peace and serenity in our beautiful aussie bush
  • Partially walked in silence so you can breathe in the exquisite beauty
  • A deliciously healthy morning tea - true Journeys of the Spirit style
  • A world away from our busy lives and city, will recalibrate and uplift you !
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Our last available bush walk for 2020 before it gets hot is on Thursday 24 September 2020 beginning at 0900. Join us for a delightful two hours with a gourmet morning tea - sure to soothe your soul and uplift your spirit !

To be repeated

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