Ayurvedic Kerala Health Retreat ~ with Sarah

12 - 26 October 2019 

Sarah is a warm, generous and wonderful listener with the superb ability to make sense of what is evolving for you within all realms of your being ~ mind, body and spirit. Way beyond her role of Reiki therapist, Sarah has an incredible gift that reconnects you to your highest and truest self and makes sense of the outer happenings of your life as guidance for you to be on your most inspiring path.


Sarah has been to Kerala 11 times and over the years, her guided retreats have attracted an incredible loyal following, with most selling out a year in advance. 

Join Sarah in 2019 and indulge in sublime treatments, delectable food, fabulous conversations, inspiring company, energizing yoga, deep relaxation ~ all within the folds of this nurturing paradise!


"Lots of fun and much needed laughter."
– CK