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Margaret River Art & Yoga retreat

A 3-night immersion blending creativity with inward reflection to feel grounded, rebalanced & reconnected to your heart & spirit.

Margaret River is world renowned for it's pristine tall tree forests, stunning beaches, big surf, premium wines and culinary delights. And it's also a place of deep peace and stillness, especially in the bush and on the secluded, stunning beaches.

Our intention for this special retreat is to allow you time and space to explore your creative, artistic, spiritual and playful aspects of yourself. There is much to enjoy. And to just BE within the moment.  We have included:

-Gentle flowing yoga to activate your prana ~ your life force.

-Relaxing yin yoga for stillness and good sleep.

-Creating art from your heart guided by the spiritual & gifted local artist Peter Scott. He also offers individual chakra balancing if you wish.

-Creating a group mandala from our majestic nature scapes.

-Guided meditations to connect, ground and re-energise you.

-Deliciously healthy plant based meals ~ lovingly created to revitalise your whole being.

-Deluxe homestead accommodation in your own room with private bathroom, nestled on a hillside & surrounded by gardens & forest.

-Silent bush walks amongst the tall trees ~~breathing in the bliss.

This retreat offers you an opportunity to explore different ways to reconnect & come home to yourself.
Is it time for you to feel the bubbling joy arise within you again?

We'd love you to join us...

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To be repeated soon.
To be repeated soon.

- A 3-night blissful forest immersion in Margaret River

- Guided by the divine Katie Dow

- Introduction to meditation to connect, ground & re-energise

-A mix of gentle flowing yoga to circulate prana in your body and relaxing yin yoga to find stillness

-Creating an artistic expression of your spirit, guided by the gifted artist Peter Scott

-Delicious food to nourish your body & soul 

-Grounding nature & beach walks  

-Crystal chakra balancing & sound bath to realign 

-Space and time to just BE

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Join us

in November 2023 for this blissful immersion into art, yoga, nature and most importantly....yourself.

To be repeated

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