Katie Dow

Creative Coordinator & Guide

Katie is a yoga teacher with a passion for all things wellness and feels most at home in nature, especially the ocean. She lives a full and fun life with her partner Ben and their three beautiful kids travelling the world and enjoying the beach to unwind.

Katie’s yoga journey has unravelled over the years, from student to teacher, drawn initially to the physical practice and evolving into an appreciation of the whole - a connection of body, mind and spirit. For her it’s a way of finding stillness within and bringing that into life off the mat. She enjoys guiding people in their practice to help them find a connection to self, while feeling part of a community.  

Katie first came to Journeys of the Spirit as Creative Coordinator, feeling so aligned with Julie’s vibrant energy and the ethos and values embedded within this global wellness business. After embodying all that is Journeys of the Spirit, she is now a retreat guide for our Margaret River Art & Yoga retreats and is looking forward to taking a group to Kerala in 2025.


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