Julie Baker


Julie Baker lives life from a place of curious wonder. Inspired by nature and the synchronicity of all things, she has created a lifestyle that embodies her intuition and her entrepreneurial side. It was the seeking of something more following a personal crisis that enabled Julie to leave a successful 30 year career as an industry leader in tourism and follow her heart. As the founder of Journeys of the Spirit, Julie is passionate about creating  experiences that inspire transformative, lasting change and help people to live a more balanced and meaningful life.


The idea for Journeys of the Spirit had been ruminating in Julie’s mind for many years. A desire to marry her many gifts and interests with her love of travel and her long-held beliefs in holistic health, spirituality and wellness emerged. Feeling the weight and stress of the challenges in her life at the time, Julie felt compelled to pack her bags and seek out unique destinations, learning from the wisdoms of other cultures and leaning more deeply into her spiritual practices. It was from a place of deep knowing that these experiences were crucial to regaining her joy and vitality. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, Journeys of the Spirit was born.

Sharing the indigenous cultures of the world is what makes Julie’s heart sing. Bringing people together to explore the beauty and diversity of nature creates deep connections and friendships. This is where the magic happens. Her energy is contagious and playful. Julie is insightful with a wonderful ability to empathise and connect with people, bringing together all of the elements to make an incredible leader and guide. “Just be Julie”, the best advice given to Julie many years ago is at the heart of everything she does.

When she isn’t crafting Journeys, you’ll find Julie exploring and connecting with the Australian bush, swimming, playing with her cheeky dog Mili or cooking for her family and friends. In fact, she is pretty sure she was Italian in a past life. And a Masai mother.


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