Pamela McArdle

USA Manager and Guide

After many years of working as a corporate executive assistant, Pamela recently decided it was time to listen to her inner voice and change career direction. Having always been passionate about natural health and well being she is now focussing on helping people break the cycle of stress, renew and reclaim their wellness and activate their true authentic self. Having returned from a Journeys of the Spirit retreat to Kerala feeling happy and totally rejuvenated, she knew she had to share this experience with the world!

As well as now integrating Ayurveda in to her daily life, Pamela also practices yoga, Reiki and meditation to maintain her good health and positive outlook.   

Pamela’s love for travel hasn’t diminished since leaving her native Ireland for an adventure in the United States, her worldwide experiences have taught her the value of an open mind towards different people and cultures. A firm believer that “laughter is the best medicine”, she loves catching up with friends old and new to do just that!  

Pamela now resides in sunny San Diego California with her Australian husband, cat Bono and Border Collie Paddy, a true multi-cultural mix!


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